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Hello.  Welcome to freeUniformQuotes.com.

We want to introduce ourselves and extend an invitation to you to be part of a growing international clientele who will benefit from our platform.  Our superstore allows you to buy and sell your products to/from anyone worldwide, 24 hours a day.  Our goal is to organize the Uniform industry to create a convenient and complete online mall.  Online buyers will be able to purchase anything and everything uniforms worldwide on a simple platform.  Our site operates like Amazon (without the excessive fees), but we cater to uniform and apparel companies and buyers only.  You will find that it is quite unique, and we plan to lead the world in uniform and apparel sales with YOU, our business partners, as the beneficiary.  There is no signup or monthly fees.  No hidden fees or contracts.  It is simple.  As a buyer, you will have unlimited options to choose from every uniform type and customize as you see fit.  As a vendor partner on our site, you register, upload your merchandise, set the pricing and begin making money.  So what do we get?  We receive a small percentage of each sale to allow for us to continue marketing and hosting the freeUniformQuotes website.  This keeps us all in business and operating effectively for our amazing customers.  The great part of our superstore is that it can be everything to everyone.  It is a great platform to use as your sole online business, a complementary income stream, or a way to stay competitive with your rivals, and a one stop shopping experience for all uniform purchases.  As you use our site, please feel free to reach out to us personally and let us know how we can improve your online buying or selling experience.  We will make every effort to continuously improve our online uniform superstore and make your experience easy and profitable.

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Ray and Jeff

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