How can I sign up? 

Find the blue Member Login drop down in the upper right hand side of any page and simply click the bold "HERE" button under the member login drop down. If you are a customer, click on the banner which reads: "Create your superstore buyers account".  If you are a vendor, click on the banner which reads: "Begin your selling experience now. create your vendor account".      


Does freeUniformQuotes charge any fees to sign up? 

No. We do not charge any fees to sign up.  You can shop without the burden of additional costs to use our site.  If you are a vendor, you will not be charged any fees for placing your merchandise on our site.  If you make a sale, we will take a small percentage, which allows us to keep our service available and running for your customers as well as any marketing costs and continuous improvement to the superstore website.       


Is freeUniformQuotes affiliated with any of the vendors or parent companies? 

No. We are not affiliated with any of the vendors or manufacturers. We have no conflicts of interest on our website.      


How do I make a return?

Every vendor/manufacturer must provide instructions for exchanges and returns, or clear notification that their product is not eligible for returns or exchanges. All exchanges or returns must be done by dealing directly with the manufacturer or vendor through which the product was purchased.      


I forgot my login or password.  How can I retrieve them?

Go to the Member login section and choose member login.  Next to the password section, there is a prompt to click for forgotten passwords.  Click there and enter your username and a password will be sent to your email that you used to sign up.  If you forget your username, you will need to contact freeUniformQuotes.com via the Contact Us Form that can be found under the Contact Us dropdown on the Home page.  

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